Dog owner faces jail for allegedly registering rottweiler to vote

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When Zeus’s polling card first arrived, Hoyle was filmed by  the local newspaper  asking the dog: “What do you think you’re doing, you? You’re not voting for the Conservatives, are you?”

Police take voter fraud very seriously. In 2012, a woman in Aberdeen was arrested and charged by Scottish police after a mannequin was nominated as an independent candidate called Helena Torry in the local elections.

Renee Slater was charged in connection with an alleged offence under the Representation of the People Act 1983 but was later cleared due to lack of evidence.

She later told  Andrew Neil  on the BBC that she had made the nomination as a political statement protesting against funding cuts. She said: “Many of these people have no voice, effectively, and I thought it could be quite useful to bring in something that had no voice to actually speak for the silent majority.” In any case, the dummy had “more charisma” than most politicians, she added.

The Electoral Commission says voter fraud is  a growing problem . Later this year new rules will come in requiring each voter to register themselves, a change to the current system which asks the head of the household to declare who lives at the address.

Individual Voter Registration (IVR) will be brought into force on 10 June in England and Wales and on 19 September in Scotland.

Electors will be registered individually and they will have to provide identification in order to verify their application; this will be their date of birth and National Insurance number.

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