Dencia Boast: “NAFDAC, you can’t arrest me”


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‘Whitenicious has been in the market for under 7 months and all these vicious lies and attack someone will pay for it and maybe it will be NafDAC incase they didn’t get a simple law class you don’t make such comments about anyone and their business especially because no one has had any cancer like they claim. This is defamation’.

‘They need to study more and talk less. Nigeria has more issues than Whitenicious, Nigeria has worst pollution that Whitenicious, maybe he can put his energy into fixing roads and giving the masses clean water and lights to keep them healthy since he is worried about a cosmetic that isn’t a drug.

Where is Dencia selling the products in Nigeria? Does she have a store there? Why are people so pompous? He (Orhii) should get a life or maybe get laid by his wife or side chicks. Dencia doesn’t care and wouldn’t even give it any attention because it is that irrelevant’.

The pop singer is currently in the US, where she’s based.