CPP Gears Up For 2016 Elections


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The Party she said remained “resolute and undaunted” because they
believe firmly in the power and capability of the Party to govern the
country on the strength of the relevance, appropriateness and
efficiency of the development ideology and philosophy of the Party for
the prosperity of the nation.

She called on the Committee to work tirelessly and without reservation
towards an electoral victory in 2016 saying that “this is the
challenge of our times”.

She pointed out that because of the “failure of the inappropriate and
ineffective policies of the P/ NDC and NPP governments in the past 32
years, it is time for a change”

“It is time for the rejection of development policy dictates from
political, economic, financial and commercial interests that denied us
political rights and economic opportunities under colonial rule. We
refuse to be the hewers of wood and drawers of water in international
economic relations.”

“It is time for our history of slavery and colonialism and
responsibility to colonial freedom to drive and inform our economic
development policy choices in fulfillment of our mission in history”.

“It is time for the adoption of a development philosophy that is
defined and propelled by the development aspirations and objectives of
our struggle for political and economic freedom”.

“It is time for the adoption of the Nkrumaist development philosophy
that relies on the capability of our people to develop the productive
resources of our nation to satisfy our needs and export”.

She noted that “on account of her incomparable and supreme
development achievements in the economic development history of our
dear country, it is time for the CPP to govern this country to