Posted: Tuesday 15th April 2014 at 14:52 pm

Chop Bars Spring Up …On Kumasi-Tamale Highway

A chef serving customers with fufu and hot palm soup

A chef serving customers with fufu and hot palm soup

Food joints, particularly those that sell ‘Fufu,’ are rapidly springing up along the main Kumasi-Tamale Highway, BUSINESS GUIDE has gathered.

The ‘Fufu’ joints could be seen in virtually all the towns along the busy highway which connects Kumasi to the Northern regional capital.

Checks conducted by the paper last Friday showed that ‘Fufu’ was rapidly becoming the favourite food of many people in the country, notably the travelers.

Until recently, ‘Fufu’ was considered to be the favourite food of people living in the Ashanti region and other Akan-dominated areas.

But the paper observed that people in the northern parts of the country had accepted ‘Fufu’ with soup.

Almost all the ‘Fufu’ joints were filled with people that had formed long queues to buy the food.

Akwasi Kwarteng, who was travelling from Kumasi to Tamale, told BUISNESS GUIDE that ‘I always enjoy my trips on the highway because of the numerous ‘Fufu’ joints. I always find it easy to get delicious ‘Fufu’ with soup to eat whenever I travel to Tamale.

According to Kwarteng, some few years ago, chop bars were hard to come by along the Kumasi-Tamale Highway.

Kwarteng expressed happiness about the establishment of many ‘Fufu’ joints along the Kumasi-Tamale Highway.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Tamale

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