Posted: Friday 25th April 2014 at 20:32 pm

Changes In Ashanti Police Command

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DCOP Kofi Boakye inspecting a guard of honour at the Mampong Divisional Police Command.

DCOP Kofi Boakye inspecting a guard of honour at the Mampong Divisional Police Command.

DCOP Kofi Boakye, the Ashanti Regional Police Commander, has stated that police personnel in the Ashanti region that have worked at particular stations for more than five years would be immediately transferred.

He made the disclosure when he visited the Mampong Police Division.

The strategic reshuffle is aimed at enhancing policing across the region.

DCOP Kofi Boakye, during an interaction with the police personnel, realized that some of them had been at stations for more than 10 years.

The Ashanti Police Commander expressed concern about the issue, stating that the Ashanti region would reshuffle police personnel to aid effective policing.

The era in which ‘Macho men’ terrorized innocent people in the region was over, the police is in total control of the security situation of the region.

He sternly cautioned police personnel against allowing their personal interest to override that of the Ghana Police Service.

DCOP Kofi Boakye urged them to always adhere to the ethics of the profession in order to uplift the image of the police.

‘Always work as policemen to leave a legacy for yourself. Be professional always so that the public will respect the police service.’

DCOP Kofi Boakye urged the police in the area to strategize to tackle highway robbery at Mampong.

He charged the Police CID at Asante Mampong to work hard to get the names of suspects in the area so that they could track them.

It is always better for the police to monitor the activities of hoodlums to arrest them before they strike, DCOP Kofi Boakye said.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Mampong, Ashanti

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