Facebook working on virtual reality apps for social experiences

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Facebook believes that one day we'll be able to connect with friends in virtual reality, so users can eventually experience someone's vacation as though they're right...

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MTN Introduces Self Service To Relieve Customers The Hustle Of Visiting A Service Center

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Mr. Lawrence Akosen, Ag Customer Relations Excutive To ensure an effective delivery of service to its customers, the leading telecommunication network in Ghana, MTN, has introduce “Self Service” to relieve...

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In Ghana, Microsoft Shows Unused Wireless Frequencies Can Cut Internet Costs

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A college is the first place in Africa to benefit from a wireless technology that takes advantage of unused radio frequencies - an approach Microsoft is pushing across the continent.The cost of getting online for students at Koforidua Polytechnic, a college in...

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Utilise Innovative Energy Strategies To Manage Ghanas Power Crisis – ENERCOM AFRICA

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Ghana needs to utilise innovative energy strategies that will help mitigate the impact of the current generation shortfalls culminating in the intermittent disruptions in power supply (‘dumsor dumsor’). Such initiatives will provide...

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Microsoft Unveils Its First Mobile Device, Lumia 535 In Ghana

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Microsoft Mobile has launched its newest mobile device, Lumia 535, the first device among the Microsoft range of products after taking over from Nokia unto the Ghanaian market in Accra.The Lumia 535 comes with the latest version of Windows Phone. And with regular over-the...

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Tigo partners with Ericsson to improve on network quality

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Mobile Network Operator, Tigo has entered into a partnership with world-class Communications technology and services provider, Ericsson, ...

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Soon cars will know if youre distracted

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A company called Seeing Machines wants to use cameras and software to make sure you're ...

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How google translate pictures into words using vector space mathematics

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In December, Google engineers trained a machine-learning algorithm to write picture captions using the same techniques it developed ...

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The four Mac security options everyone should know

By default, the Mac is pretty secure. But ...

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Body-Worn Police Cameras Could Reveal Better Policing Techniques

UCLA scholars will analyze raw video and audio feeds to...

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