Ghana Embraces Speed Limits Technology

Road accidents are at a level, inevitable incidents considering the factors that lead to them. Over speeding, potholes, drunk driving, tiredness just to mention a few are some causes of road accidents for which precautions need to be taken to avoid if not completely, to a significant percentage. A road speed limit technology has been developed and already in use. This is intended to check and identify road users driving or riding beyond the required and acceptable speed limit.Last investigation conducted by ...

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Google Recognises Mziiki By Choosing It As A Featured App For East African Google Play Stores

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Mziiki, Africa’s fastest-growing digital music platform, has been selected as one of the apps featured...

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Dell Introduces New Server Powerhouse To Accelerate Most Demanding Enterprise Applications

Lagos, Nigeria, 28.04.2015: Dell has announced an expansion of its 13th generation PowerEdgeservers including the PowerEdge R930 , Dell’s most powerful server specifically designed for the most demanding enterprise applications such as in-memory databases, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Once the domain of UNIX systems, these enterprise applications are increasingly shifting to x86 platforms for increased innovation, additional capabilities and lower total cost of ownership.The global x86 server market has grown more than 600 percent since Dell first introduced the PowerEdge portfolio roughly 20 years ...

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Government, NCA, 2 Telcos Websites Mobile Unfriendly—Google Test Reveal


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15 April 2015 – 5 Tricks To A More Secure Website

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The internet does create a world of opportunities, however a ...

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Global Commission On Internet Governance: Digital Privacy And Trust Through New Global Social Compact

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The Hague, Netherlands - April 15, 2015 - The Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG) advocates that governments, in collaboration with individuals, private corporations and technical community stakeholders, adopt measures in a new global social compact to achieve digital privacy and trust.Toward a Social Compact for Digital Privacy and Security was presented at a press conference today by Carl Bildt, chair of the GCIG and former prime minister of Sweden, on ...

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Samsung S6 Edge Supply Shortage

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BBC Samsung's new flagship mobile phones go on sale today but the company says it may struggle to meet demand for its s6 edge model.Although Samsung predicts greater interest in its more conventionally designed S6 model, it is worried about the time it takes to manufacturer components for the distinctive wraparound touch screen on the S6 Edge.Experts say it could lead to ...

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Facebook working on virtual reality apps for social experiences

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Facebook believes that one day we'll be able to connect with friends in virtual reality, so users can eventually experience someone's vacation as though they're right...

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MTN Introduces Self Service To Relieve Customers The Hustle Of Visiting A Service Center

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Mr. Lawrence Akosen, Ag Customer Relations Excutive To ensure an effective delivery of service to its customers, the leading telecommunication network in Ghana, MTN, has introduce “Self Service” to relieve...

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In Ghana, Microsoft Shows Unused Wireless Frequencies Can Cut Internet Costs

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A college is the first place in Africa to benefit from a wireless technology that takes advantage of unused radio frequencies - an approach Microsoft is pushing across the continent.The cost of getting online for students at Koforidua Polytechnic, a college in...

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