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World’s Oldest Living Person Turns 117 With Televised Ceremony

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The world’s oldest person, Misao Okawa, who turns 117 was presented with a bouquet in a...

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Woman Digs Father’s Grave Looking For Real Will, Finds Vodka And Cigarettes Instead

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Ransacked: The vault of Mr Nash was found cracked with the casket opened A woman confessed her disappointed after finding vodka and cigarettes buried alongside her father in his grave, though she though it would be his will...

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Aquarium Worker Proposes To Girlfriend From Inside Shark Tank

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A fish keeper at an Arizona aquarium gave his girlfriend  a surprise with an underwater marriage proposal when he asked the question from ...

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Pastor Impregnates Over 20 Women, Says Holy Spirit Told Him To Do So

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A pastor has been arrested for allegedly impregnating over 20 women after which he was quoted as saying the ...

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Wife Hides Husband’s Dead Body Indoors For Three Years In Lagos

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How possible is it...

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British Woman Marries DOG In ‘Romantic’ expensive Wedding Ceremony – After Marriage To Man Failed

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In a...

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British Woman Weds Dog In Expensive ‘Romantic’ Wedding Ceremony – After Marriage To Man Failed

In a rather strange turn of events, a woman has vowed against men and married her pet dog. 47 year old Amanda Rodgers from Brixton in south London was married to a man 20 years ago...

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Mum Set Fire To Two Babies To Make Headlines, Blamed Spontaneous Combustion

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Rahul Karnan and his newborn brother were admitted...

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Mum Set Fire On Two Babies To Make Headlines, Blamed Spontaneous Combustion

Rahul Karnan and his newborn brother were admitted to hospital in two separate cases of spontaneous combustion, Nedimoliyur, Villupuram, India. The boys’ mother Rajeshwari Karnan claimed her babies spontaneously burst into flames – the first incident took...

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26-Year-Old Man Kills Married Mistress Because She Wanted Too Much s*x

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A married woman in Zimbabwe has been killed by her much younger boyfriend after she allegedly demanded too much s*x. Scoop has more: The 26-year-old man of Zimbabwe, appeared at the High Court on charges of...

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