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15-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaults 42-Year-Old Woman On Train In Broad Daylight

A mother turned her son into police after she recognized him as the person who defiled a woman on a train. Read more from Worldwideweirdnews: 15-year-old Deshawn Isabelle of Chicago, Illinois, was charged as an adult in connection...

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Pieces Of Human Skull Found Inside Supermarket Toilet

Image none_4880-300x199.jpg

Shoppers at a supermarket freaked out after finding pieces of...

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Swedish Town Being Moved Two Miles Down The Road

Image Swedish-town-being-moved-two-miles-down-the-road-300x168.jpg

A Swedish state-owned mining company has started the process of moving the ...

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Man r*pes Own Daughter, Fathers Her Child, Cries ‘I Love You’ As He’s Led Out Of Court

Image 06D65696000005DC-3055167-image-a-3_1429964959564-200x300.jpg

A man has been jailed for life after fathering a child with his own daughter who he defiled repeatedly from ...

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Meet The Man Who Robbed A Bank And Waited For The Police

David Potchen, 53, who robbed a bank in Merrillville, Indiana, last June, now has a job as a welder and is staying out of trouble after receiving help from family...

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School Ban Girls From Running In Competitions For Fear Of Losing Their Virginity

A school in Australia, is being criticized for prohibiting girls from participating in running competitions for fear of losing their virginity. According to worldwideweirdnews, the shocking claim was made against an Islamic high school in Melbourne, but school...

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Man Blows Himself Up Because His Wife Cheats On Him

A husband and wife were hospitalized after the man attempted to commit suicide. The 39-year-old man of Taichung, Taiwan, attempted to commit suicide...

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This Famous Dutch Owl Loves To Land On People’s Heads

The small Dutch town of Noordeinde has been getting a lot of ...

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Meet The Indian Man Who Is On A Mission To Date 365 Women This Year

Image download14.jpg

Indian photographer, Sunder Ramu is on a quest to date 365 women this year, but...

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China Funeral Strippers Are Common Form Of Entertainment To Lighten The Mood When Someone Dies

Image 82536143_funeralstripper_weibo-300x169.jpg

In the event that you were grieving the passing of a friend or family member in China, at...

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