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Guy Didn’t Know His Real Name Until He Was 11

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You know nothing Jon Snow, and neither did Kit Harrington. Seriously, he didn’t even know his real name until he was 11. Sounds weird, right? Glamour magazine thought so, too, and sought to understand why the “Game of Throne” star’s parents didn’t let him ...

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Follow-Up: Man Has Home Dangling From Cliff Burnt Down

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Building crews set fire on Friday to a luxury lake house left dangling about 23 metres on a decaying cliff that has ...

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Woman Lands In Hospital After Vibrator Got Stuck In Her Urethra

Image n-VIBRATOR-IN-URETHRA-large.jpg

Emergency room ...

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Man Sues Hospital After Surgery Shortens His man-hood

A Canadian man is suing a Montreal-area hospital for negligence after he said surgery on his man-hood ended up shortening it and preventing him from having s*x, thus ruining his ...

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This Woman Chose Dolls Over Men

Image n-HELLOKITTY-large300.jpg

Finding a date is hard enough, but Natasha Goldsmith, 29, of Exeter, England, is having an especially hard time getting guys to say hello to her kitty — her Hello Kitty collection that is. Though Goldsmith used to be a ...

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Man Cuts Off 5-Year-Old man-hood Because He Peed On His Property

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No matter how much you feel...

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15-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Shooting Pregnant Girl In The Stomach

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A 15-year-old boy has been charged with shooting a seven-month pregnant teenager who lost her unborn son following the attack last month. Eric Taylor, of Duquesne, Pennsylvania, was arrested yesterday in connection with the shooting ...

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Advancements in Regenerative Medicine Have Made Artificial Vaginas A Possibility

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A recent New York Magazine infographic brought to light the impressive evolution of prosthetics, which as of April includes vaginas. The piece documents advancements in regenerative medicine over the years. During an interview Wednesday, the author Matthew Giles explained...

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Workers Forced to Say ‘I Love You’ Or Be Fired

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A federal agency sued a New York customer service provider on Wednesday after allegations the company forced employees to pray, thank God for...

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Boston Woman Gives Birth to Twins 24 Days Apart

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A Boston mother is hoping to ...

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