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Mother Slashes Her 3 Young Children’s Throats To Keep Her House Quiet

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A 29-year-old mother was arrested on charges of attempted murder after she allegedly slashed the throats of her three young children in order to keep her house quiet for the satisfaction of her...

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Man Pleasures Himself On Pregnant Woman Because He Wanted To Relieve Stress

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A train employee has been arrested, charged and convicted of ...

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Man Hides Camera In Bedroom Of Teen Neighbour, Watches Her For 4 Years

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A family have been betrayed by their neighbor with whom they were good friends. 48-Year-Old Bradley McCollum, allegedly placed a hidden camera in the bedroom ...

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Brazilian Police Looking For Stolen Cars, Finds Two ‘Stolen’ Tanks

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Brazilian police who were searching for stolen vehicles said they found two unidentified tanks in a warehouse raid, as well as 500 stolen TVs, a semi truck and auto parts. UPI reports: Police said they raided the São Paulo warehouse near...

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17-Year-Old Stabs Brother To Death Over Phone Feud

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Residents of Zone 5 in Dutse, Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), were on Friday thrown into mourning after a 17-year-old boy reportedly stabbed his elder brother to death ...

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Girlfriend Falls To Her Death After Jumping Up And Down Because Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her

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Oh wow. This is really sad, I mean what’s supposed ...

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Indonesian Cleric Calls Selfies A Sin. Muslim Youth Respond With More Selfies

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After a popular Muslim cleric ...

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VIDEO: Wife Cuts Off Husband’s man-hood And Was It Taken By A Stray Dog

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A Chinese wife reportedly chopped off her husband’s man-hood more than once after discovering he had been unfaithful ...

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Woman In Wheelchair Stands Up To Shoplift

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The British police has released a CCTV footage of a woman recorded standing up from her wheelchair and walking around a store while shoplifting. ...

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Woman Kills Her Husband With An Ax After He Refused To Have s*x With Her

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A man has been confirmed dead after he was allegedly axed by his own wife because he refused to have s*x with her, police...

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