8 Resolutions You Made And You Totally Need To Get Over

You ...

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Top Tips To Improve Nonverbal Communication

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It’s Impossible Not to Communicate‘All people smile in the same language.’ – Proverb Body language is a large part of communication. It’s impossible not to communicate even when you are not...

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Money Matters: How Baby Steps Can Help You Master Your Finances

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Sometimes we create grand New Year’s plans for our financial future. We vow that this year we will pay off our credit card debt, start setting money aside for retirement, or finally build that all important emergency fund. But in the face of bold plans, ...

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5 Weapons For Battling Loneliness

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All of us feel lonely sometimes. That’s natural. There are certain times in our lives when we are more susceptible to feelings of loneliness than others. We may feel lonely after the birth of a child, the death of a spouse or the ...

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7 Types Of Men You Might Love To Date But Would Not Want To Marry

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Almost all women wish to experience the wonderful feeling of falling in love. And of course, being loved back by the same person! While this feeling brings a lot of happiness in a woman’s...

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9 Acceptable Habits That Pose Serious Danger To Your Health

Many of these habits are not only completely accepted by our society and typically viewed as risk free, but are extremely common as well. There’s a good chance you’re...

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4 Things Your Kids Need To See You Do In Your Marriage

Here is a list of things I personally think kids need to see us doing, as couples, in our marriages. What would you add to the list...

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Women Cheat Too: 5 Steps To Helping Men Cope With An Affair

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Utter shock, disbelief, confusion, fear and anger are simultaneously pulsing thru his veins. He’s then able to mutter the words, “I can’t believe she did this to me!!!” He gets that empty feeling in the pit of his ...

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When The Going Gets Tough In Your Marriage

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Marriage is designed to last a lifetime. Sadly, we all know that many marriages don’t. Some people enter their union with the best intentions but life happens, and...

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10 Warning Signs You Have A Thyroid Problem

Below are ten of the most common warning signs of a ...

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