SCARY! SEE Where These Beauty Pageant Contestants Were Made To Catwalk (Photos)

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A group of beauty pageant contestants have been told to do the unbelievable in China.  DailyMail reports that a group of beauty pageant contestants were made to put aside their fear of heights as they paraded on a narrow,glass ...

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10 Things Girls Can’t Absolutely Stand About Being Girly

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We argue about being the better s*x (obviously), we’re the first to admit that boys have it so much easier. And, as if we didn’t hate boys enough, we’re also jealous of the laid-back, stress-free lives they seemingly lead. Obviously there’s a crazy amount of cool things that come with...

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Cheating – Does Your Man Have A Wandering Eye? Find Out Why…

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Every year, there are thousands of men all over the world who cheat on their wives, girlfriends ...

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What Women Really Want: 10 Traits That Makes Men The Complete Package

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Men are visual; ...

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8 Sinful Habits That Are Stopping You From Losing Weight

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We all love to have a perfectly-toned body, but not all of us are blessed with one! And, that is what makes us follow a strict diet plan or a rigorous workout session regularly. But, what if even following all these things religiously does not work? Well, if you too face this problem and are looking for its solution, then we have something to share...

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The One Thing A Christian Wife Needs From Her Husband

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There are many expectations that come along with being considered a Christian and a husband. When you consider yourself...

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Interesting – What Your Last Breakup Says About The Type Of Dater You Are Now

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Relationships are supposed to change people – that’s just the nature of the business. For many people, relationships teach those involved valuable lessons about selflessness and thinking of another person first. For others, relationships have showed them the power of love and all the beautiful things that come with loving another person. And then, for those less lucky, relationships can end disastrously. But...

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There’s Finally An Answer To Why Men Are Either b**b Guys Or a*s Guys

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Poor or rich? Coke...

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12 Popular Nigerians Spotted Doing The Unusual In Public | PHOTOS

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It is true that so much is expected from Nigerian celebrities, ...

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12 Prominent Nigerians Spotted Doing The Unusual In Public | PHOTOS

It is true that so much is expected from Nigerian celebrities, politicians and ...

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