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Internet Use May Cut Depression In Elderly

Spending time on-line has the potential to ward off depression among retirees, particularly among those who live alone, according to new research...

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5 Ways to Battle Jealousy in a Relationship

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I have never been a jealous woman. Sure, I take note if my man is lingering on a woman’s body for too long (and glare at him when he does). But that’s less about jealousy and more about wanting to be ...

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9 Reasons You’re Still With That Jerk

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  Sometimes it’s hard to know why you’re still with someone who isn’t good for you. Intellectually, you may be saying to yourself, “I need to end this relationship,” but for some reason, you can’t. I’ve heard friends say, “Why can’t I...

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7 Fundamental Truths About Habits

We’re all creatures of habit...

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6 Ways to Speed Recovery From Injuries

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Injuries are hard to avoid. We work hard and play hard. We travel in fast moving...

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Just Throw It In The Bag! The Do’s And Don’ts Of Commitment

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While an initial ...

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10 Hot Foreplay Moves To Give Your Husband Tonight!

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Ever wondered if his ex knew...

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For Married Couples – 8 s*x Rules You Should Break

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Women are always getting advice about how to spice things up in the bedroom. But, MOMS, we know what you you want is off the actual hook, more than you want off-the-hook s*x! Just for you, here are 8 s*x rules meant to be broken. ...

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3 Things Mothers Overlook with Their Sons

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Mothers are so important to our society. Women are natural born nurturers and can provide so much to the stability of a family...

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Revealed! 9 Worst Marital Habits To Avoid

1. You place social media above real communication. This can be ...

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