Imagine What This Female s*x Coach Can Do With Her v**ina

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Vaginal Kung Fu master, Kim Anami is teaching women to weightlift objects using their vaginas in Los Angeles, USA. The 43-year-old describes herself as ‘Provocateur. Innovator. Illuminator. Catalyst. Quantum leap life and intimacy coach. s*xual muse. Liberation master. Pleasure savant.’ In a bid to encourage more...

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7 Signs She’s After Your Money

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Everybody wants to love and be loved but the truth is, we can’t...

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7 Marriage Conversation Mistakes That Can Lead To Fight Between Spouses

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If you’re married, then you’re probably familiar with the knot you get in your stomach when you have to bring up a sensitive issue with your spouse. Discussing difficult topics — whether it be about money, parenting, s*x, etc.— is...

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Being Single Isn’t The End Of The World—10 Reasons Why It Rocks!

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So many people are ready to be kept or tied down with a ball and chain, that I decided to compile a list of all the ...

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Curvy Women Make Baby Geniuses (Says Science

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Another reason to thank all that extra fluff...

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Why Men Cheat More Than Women

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Surely, not all the guys are cheating. But some ...

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What Happens When A Man Finds Love?

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One of the best things for a man to experience is being in love. I know that men have gotten a bad wrap for not wanting to be in committed relationships and also for...

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11 Myths About Manhood Women Should Stop Believing

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I read a series of columns lately about the various things that we do as men that bothers women. And it downright pissed me off. It seems male-bashing has become the rule, not the exception. Everything from a man’s emotional dishonesty to his supposed fear of feminist, progressive...

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Must Read – That Awkward Moment When Someone Flirts With Your Spouse

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We have natural responses that come with someone flirting with our spouse, and they usually aren’t as compassionate. If we aren’t careful, this type of flirting can cause serious challenges between us and our spouse. When we find ourselves ...

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Report Says Facebook Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Divorce

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A report by a Leeds law firm; Lake ...

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