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Omoni Oboli Steps Out In Denim-on-Denim

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Yet Another Eyeroll Excuse: Cheating Might Be Genetic, Says Study

Some people are just born to be promiscious?Many people who say that monogamy isn’t natural usually focus on men, saying men are supposed to be plentiful and spread...

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8 Things You MUST Know Before Loving An Alpha-Female

The good, the bad, and the bossy of dating an alpha-female.Being an alpha-female is a lifestyle. Nothing is sexier...

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6 Tips To Having The Flattest Tummy

Let’s get down to business and forget the whole storytelling 😉 1. You need to cut your food intake:Food ...

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9 Dirty Little Secrets Of Men Who REFUSE To Get Married

What’s stopping modern men from walking down the aisle?While the numbers of women who want to get married are going up, men are less likely to want to walk down the...

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Yikes! 13 Signs You’re TOTALLY His Side Chick

Could you be the other woman? No one ever wants to be an opening act when...

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Expectation Hurts! Weird Things Ladies Expect From Men

Women want a “real man” the same way men want “a real woman,” yet unfortunately for both, neither of those exist. The same way your jaw might drop when your...

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4 Secrets Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew

Though men don’t always want to talk, there are some things the men in our lives would like us ...

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5 Unexpected Things That Can Threaten Your Happy Marriage

One of the most challenging things about marriage is developing the ability to successfully manage the unexpected. Your marriage can be going wonderfully and out of...

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Men! 15 Reasons We Need You Beyond s*x And Moving Furniture

Men, we as women need you! Please know that relationships are not about us being right and you being wrong. They’re not about us being super independent and we not...