GHOSPA Joins Korle-Bu Confusion

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Rev Albert Okpoti Botchway, formerKorle-Bu CEO Rev Albert Okpoti Botchway, former Korle-Bu CEO THE NATIONAL leadership of the Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA)...

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Alarm Rings On Low Uptake Of Existing Prevention Options For Anal STIs And HIV

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Despite overall progress in HIV prevention, rates of HIV infection among key affected populations such as men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people remain alarmingly high. For example, recent data indicates that MSM are up to...

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Africa Partners Medical To Boost Health Care In Africa

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Africa Partners Medical...

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4,000 TB Cases Undetected

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According to him, despite TB being among the top three causes of death of ...

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Cholera Kills 3 At La Hospital

Dr Kwaku Agyemang-...

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‘When Bacteria And Virus Can Work So Well Together, Why Can’t We?’

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Setting the pace for the press conference, Dr IS Gilada, President, AIDS Society of India, emphasized ...

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A healthy vagina has many bacteria and a small number of yeast cells. The most common organism that ...

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First Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Nigeria

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Credit: Federal Government Friday confirmed the ...

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Stigma Blocks Access To Care For Young Gays And Trans-genders

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Stigma related to HIV not only blocks access to existing services for key affected populations but also increases risk of HIV acquisition manifold. When self-stigma or shame seeps in, it pushes people into depression, aggression, self-harm, addictions or even suicide. HIV-related stigma...

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Breast Cancer Patients Advised To Desist From Unorthodox Treatment

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