Does Ex-President Rawlings Own A Private Plane?

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Folks, former President JJ Rawlings said something about two days ago that seems to be raising a pertinent question as to whether he owns a private plane; and if he does, how he acquired it, when, and why Ghanaians haven't discovered so till now that he would...

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Still In Town …

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Two ...

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The Curious Case Of Gagging NPP Delegates

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Are NPP delegates meant to be free agents or delegates with pledged votes? On...

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"Honouring Our Roots" Event Cancelled

The Central Regional branch of the New Patriotic Party wishes to bring to the attention of all and sundry that the "Honouring Our Roots" event, which was scheduled to take ...

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Tears For Education

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Heads of Senior High Schools have been compelled to order a premature vacation. With dearth of ...

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NDC Masterminded Kessben’s Arrest

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The arrest of the Chief Executive Officer of ...

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NUGS Joins The August REDFRIDAY Protests

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The Leadership of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has observed with grave concern, the repeated inaction by the President John Dramani Mahama led administration in addressing genuine and salient issues concerning...

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Is There An Agenda By NDC To Destroy Ashanti Businesses Again?

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As a young man growing up in the Ashanti Region ...

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Woyome Fraud; A Call For An Independent Prosecution Service In Ghana

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The Supreme Court on 31/07/2014 unanimously ruled that Alfred Agbesi Woyome had no valid contract and further directed that the businessman refunds the $51.2 million judgement debt paid...

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A Stone For Bawumia

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At long last the truth is out: Ghana after all is in crisis and not facing mere challenges as the ilk of Fiifi Kwetey and Felix Kwakye Ofosu have been feeding innocent and gullible citizens on.For building their political careers on untruths about the state of the economy as...

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