2015: The Year Of President Mahama And Ghanaians

It is that time of the year again when prophets, poets and philosophers make their predictions for the New Year.Some will prophesize the words of their gods, while some...

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Mahama Has His Eyes Set On The Ball, NPP Can Make Noise

An age is called Dark, not because light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.’-James A. Michener.Anywhere, whether on the main streets or on the cyber streets you turn to in Ghana today, there is one loud but shameless noise of ...

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The Powerful Woman Behind Ruby’s Cocaine Trade

Image 621667248_200461.jpg

Ruby Ametefe, Africa's narcotics Cleopatra, walked majestically like the Queen of England through the VIP lounge of Ghana's only international airport, the Kotoka International Airport, carrying along...

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6 Years Of NDC, A Complete Disaster

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The last six years of the National Democratic Congress government has been described as a complete disaster and...

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Of Passengers Who Can Not See Their Over Speeding Vehicle

Image 22808598_875414.jpg

“In most cases, if you are in a car, you don’t realise that the car is moving fast but...

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How Could A Woman Not Know She Is Pregnant?

It may seem highly implausible for a woman to go through nine months of pregnancy without realising she has a baby on the way. Yet experts say it happens more often than most people think. The phenomenon is called cryptic pregnancy or ...

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Achieving MDG 5 In 2015…Some Measures To Take

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The Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ghana...

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Ghana Is Wasting Away

Image 91556644_307398.png

I have often wondered why Ghana does not have a Ministry of Waste Management. This would not have to do...

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Say Hello To New Adventures In 2015…As Emirates Reduces Business, Economy Class Fares

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New year, new adventures. Emirates is making it even more attractive for globalists to say “hello” to new destinations and experiences in 2015 with its offer of special Business and Economy class fares to a wide range of cities across ...

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I Am Muslim And Don’t Owe You An Apology

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My name is Rabiu Alhassan. I am Muslim and I condemn the killing of the 12 cartoonists with Charlie Hebdo network in France.I say this not to appease anyone...

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