Ghana – Are We A Country Of Beggars?

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Taking a walk through the streets of Accra, what you will see is mostly very hard working citizens grafting hard to make ends meet.From the street vendors vocally advertising their wares and running to and fro...

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Ghana, Which Way To Go?

A poem I enjoyed very well under the tutelage of Mr Kwasi Subi of Wesley Education College, Kumasi during my training days as a teacher in the late 90s was the MESH by Kwesi Brew. I knew Mr Subi loved that poem too. He...

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Christians’ Main Worship Day -Should It Be On Sundays Or Saturdays

Some time ago, a group of some doctrinally divided Christian youth at Tema hotly argued over whether it is proper...

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Saving The Sinking Educational System In Ghana

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Most Ghanaians were keyed up when President John Dramani Mahama pledged to continue with the 7 Year Development plan of Dr Kwame Nkrumah which was re-designed as “Vision 2020” by former Presidents Rawlings and Mills. The vision 2020 document focuses on education, agriculture and rural development...

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Get Rich Quick…

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The economic difficulty facing ...

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Open Letter To Alan Kyeremateng!

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Dear Mr. Kyeremateng, I am one of your fans far away in China. I was praying and hoping you would have won or at least give Nana Addo a ...

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External Branches On Super Delegates Conference

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Ladies and gentlemen...

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Bright Future For Smallholder Farmers In The Upper East Region

The Upper East Region falls within the Sudan Savanna zone which is characterised by a uni-modal rainfall regime lasting five to six months and a long dry period of six to seven months.Average ...

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We Cannot Make ‘Peace’ With Corruption

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As a people, Ghanaians like to resolve problems “peacefully”. Thus...

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Full Speech: What Otumfuo Osei Tutu Said @ The GJA Awards


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