Our Parliamentarians, Have Lost Their Credibility

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Having monitored the output of our Members of Parliament on vital national issues, the Movement for Justice and Equal Rights is deeply disappointed at the high level of lack of nationalism and patriotism on the part of our legislators. To set the records straight, they are there ...

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Our Parliamentarians, Have Lost Their Credibility- Movement For Justice And Equal Rights

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Having monitored the output of our Members of Parliament on vital ...

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I Am A Hypocrite, JM Is And So Are You!

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In 2004, I made a decision to dig into the life of Author and multi-talented Poet Maya Angelou. I took interest in Maya because I had an interest in the life of anybody who had played a role in the ...

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It Shall Come To Pass

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We are constrained to comment once again about the worrying trend of...

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Yasɔ Light Ooo!

When my phone finally attained a “sor” status on Monday morning, everyone who called me went like, “Ablah, why have you gone incommunicado?”I had a lot of...

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Ali Mazrui Retires To The Ancestral Home, Fare Thee Well!

On 13th October 2014 Ali Al’amin Mazrui passed on at...

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Ivy Kurlie Tamakloe Writes: Let’s Go Shopping

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Bawumia’s New Love For Fake Figures Worrying

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We are tempted sometimes to question the economic credentials of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, many times, he had engaged in arm chair doom predictions on ...

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The ‘Misfortune’ Of Being Ghanaian, African

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In the event of being born Ghanaian or (Black) African, you need to brace up and face the misfortunes of life.The ill-luck of being a Ghanaian/an African is that for most part of your life, you feel as though God...

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The Legend Of Tarzan – Prez Mahama Writes


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