Battle over Somali mountains

Al-Shabab fighters have been pushed out of major cities in recent years Troops...

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Troops ‘retake’ Somali mountains

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Hero’s return for Kenyan Kimetto

1 October 2014 Last updated at 13:21 Share ...

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Congo ex-fighters ‘starve in camp’

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Numerous armed groups are still...

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Chimp culture captured on camera

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By Victoria Gill Science reporter, BBC News Lead researcher...

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SA soap on hiatus after cast sacking

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Generations cast member Sophie Ndaba looks ...

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First Ebola case diagnosed in the US

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Kenya leader ICC delay rejected

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The case against Uhuru Kenyatta has angered many African leaders ...

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Nigeria and Senegal ‘contain’ Ebola

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Nigeria quickly established an emergency operations centre to help trace the possible spread of the virus The Ebola virus ...

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VIDEO: Chimp culture captured on camera

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Chimp culture captured...

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