Posted: Friday 25th January 2013 at 21:26 pm


Nigerian born Super Male Model/actor/presenter Ikenna Bryan Okwara who won the title of the first ever Mr. Nigeria in 2007/2008 and reached the semi-finals as top 10 most desirable men in the world at the Mister World 2007 competition in china. Bryan a native of Imo State. 6ft 2, athletic and enjoys playing basketball with friends. Not ethnically biased and can be a workaholic. He is presently a good will Ambassador and Trustee for the Audrey Allen Foundation for children. Some of the places visited on the trip were orphanages,children’s hospitals and also,the Nelson Mandela resident house and the Nelson Mandela foundation for children in Johannesburg, he is currently preparing to go to Ghana where he would be taking some underprivileged children to tourist centers in Accra.this is also intended to have the presence of Miss Tosin Allen,Founder of the Audrey Allen Foundation for Children and other crew members of the Audrey Allen Foundation for children.

On The Ghana Visit….
As stated above, Audrey Allen Foundation For Children crew will be visiting Ghana come 14th Feb.2013. We wish to use this medium to inform every media personality and bloggers in Ghana and who wish to be part of or know more about the foundation activities in Ghana when we visit ,please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Founder of the Foundation Miss Tosin Allen will be available for exclusive interviews and press release briefings with any Ghanaian Media,press and blog owners. Our Goodwill ambassadors, Bryan Okwara, Aanu Michael of Good Morning Africa, Andrew Rere Young, Femi Lawal amongst others would also be in attendance.Please, Send your interview questions and interest to [email protected] or [email protected] Kindly help share the information with others.

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