Posted: Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at 16:30 pm

Brouhaha Over Tweaa DCE…Kweku Baako Adds His Voice

If it is true that the information they gave the president was not true, who gave the president that information. This is a governance issue says Kweku Baako.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has issued a statement calling on President John Dramani Mahama to reinstate Gabriel Barimah, former District Chief Executive (DCE) of Ahafo Ano South.

The statement which was signed by the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, popularly known as ‘General Mosquito’, indicated that the reason for the dismissal of the DCE was unfair and may have been based on lack of accurate information.

It further indicated that per their investigations, the sacked DCE, acted out of frustration after some staff of the Mankranso hospital started ‘heckling him using unprintable words including the word ‘tweaa’.

In what may seem like a quick rebuttal, Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Kofi Adams expressed surprise at the intervention of NEC to recall the ‘tweaa’ DCE. According to him, the President has the prerogative to appoint as well as terminate appointments, adding, any decision the President takes must be respected by all.

Speaking to the comments from the General Secretary and his deputy, Kweku Baako said ‘clearly, somebody is not telling us the truth’.

He told Kwami Sefa Kayi on ‘Kokrokoo’ that “there is a problem of credibility and integrity…we have to find a way of reconciling the two comments from the two of them”

The Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper added that the mix-up is no longer about the ‘tweaa’ DCE and how he was fired; it is now about governance and the kind of information being fed to the President.

“If it is true that the information they gave the president was not true, who gave the president those information. This is a governance issue; a very serious issue… how is the communication system and who drives it. It means there are other decisions that the president has taken based on wrong information. You can imagine the potential of doing a disservice to this country…. heads or tail, the government loses. The issue is not about the DCE and how he was fired; it has to do with the kind of information that is being fed to the President,” he asserted.

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