Boko Haram Will Make Jonathan Win 2015 Presidential Election- Addo

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Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan

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They may decide to go their separate ways. That is why I have been saying that the 2015 election will not be based on performance but on personalities. Even though Mr. President has performed creditably despite distractions, I want to say that the election will be won and lost because of the personalities. The perception that the northern insurgency is targeted at Jonathan has framed the question for the 2015 election. I am saying so because, election, like, religion is an emotional issue. I have met people who are now saying they are going to vote for Jonathan because they believe that the insurgency is deliberately targeted at him.

And now, for the North itself, it is a problem for them. Assuming that anyone in the North is able to come out and contest the Presidency, it is going to be difficult for the North to support such a person for him to win. Why is it that the North is in crisis today? For us, it is not good because enlightened self interest tells me that the North needs help. But the north should help itself first by accepting other minorities of the North and we must help them to achieve that.

Do you think that it is still necessary for Jonathan to contest given the myriads of daunting challenges in the country? Why does he not go to rest and save himself from the country’s problems?

It is going to be very difficult for Jonathan not to contest. Perhaps, he did not plan to run but given the way things are going, it is going to be very difficult for him not to run in 2015 because most Nigerians have become very emotional about his re-election in 2015 because they believe that he has been targeted by insurgency to stand down. I am very certain he will contest and win. Even an opposition governor once told me that Jonathan would sweep the poll in 2015. But I don’t see Jonathan accepting defeat if he loses the election fairly. But there is no way he can lose the election because the people are with him.

The Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad popularly known as Boko Haram, is an Hausa language which means “Western education is sin”. The terrorist group has its strong hold in the northeastern part of the country, Cameroon and Niger. It has launched several deadly attacks and bombings which have claimed thousands of innocent lives in its quest to Islamise the country and put an end to what they described as westernisation.

The sect is responsible for the abduction of over 234 school girls from GGSS, Chibok, Borno State. Their menace has attracted international communities like France, U.S, China, Israel, Britain among others, whom have volunteered to help the Nigerian Government in wiping them out as well as rescue the kidnapped Chibok girls.

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