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ASUU Proffers Solution To Boko Haram Insurgency

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has proffered ...

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has proffered solutions to the continued insurgency being perpetrated by the Boko Haram sects in some parts of the country.

While addressing journalists on the issue in Abuja on Monday, the National President of ASUU, Dr. Nasir Fagge said the Boko Haram imbroglio presents the gravest internal security challenge to the country since the civil war of 1967 – 1970.

He added that the Boko Haram could only be defeated by responsible government, war againt unemployment and provision of social welfare for all citizens.

Mr Fagge stated that the death of thousands of people, depressed the economy, intensified ethno-religious and regional tensions, have exposed the navel of intelligence incompetence of our security system and called into serious question the competence of the government to defend the life of the citizens.


 * ASUU President, Nasir Fagge, in the middle, wants end to Boko Haram insurgency

“The consistency and boldness of these attacks suggest that the government’s approach is tepid, wrong minded, ineffective and mostly an ‘after the act’ approach. We have reached a point where the more the government claims to have tried to curb the insurgent activities, the more the insurgency grows and expands to other frontiers.

“It is therefore apparent that the only recipe will be to undertake a deep, new comprehensive analysis of the root causes of the insurgency that has proved till now intractable and is destroying national integrity.

“We have reached a point where ad hoc fire brigade approaches and policies, and half measures cannot work, and hence a comprehensive strategy is the answer. These include socio-economic development and education, crucially the pursuit of a humanistic socio-economic development with the goal of fulfilling the needs of the people, society’s control of the commanding height of the economy,” the universities union boss said.

He accused the federal government of insensitivity, pointing out President Goodluck Jonathan’s recent involvement in political rallies across the country while the country was on fire.

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  • Iza

    I could not have said it better. Thank you. Your words in the final paprargah about paper qualifications being an end in itself are spot on. I believe Ghana will get it right, and there are quite a few people quietly working away at it, but it will simply take time. @Chris I think it will truly help too. I mean, the founder of Ashesi is doing great things now. At the same time, I’ve met some very smart, organised and efficient people right here, but they tend to be closeted in places and socio-economic positions that blind others to their abilities and potential. Of everyone I’ver ever worked with here, it was 4 young men in Bawku, yes Bawku!, who were the most brilliant can do people I’ve met in Ghana. We hope to one day employ one or two of them, but it will be a while yet. The problem is that they’re not university educated and they can’t get a break, but they’re so much smarter and more efficient than many graduates I’ve met. There are many examples of this and it’s depressing when you hear truly talented people overlooked because either they don’t have connections or money.@Nana, hey thanks! It’s true endemic. Bit by bit, though, person by person, it will change. If any country in Africa has hope, it’s Ghana. I think I have issues with it as an Australian from a culture that really doesn’t tolerate using paper qualifications as justification for anything other than professions that require it. If we try that someone will call us a wanker and do their best to ensure we know we’re no better than anyone else, just because we’ve been educated to a certain level. Australians have to prove themselves before anyone takes them seriously, generally, and I like that aspect of that culture. If only we could cobble together the best of all the cultures and trash the rest!

  • Lina

    August 23, 2012 at 12:42 amThats a powerful megssae of encoragement, actualy as christie4ns, God has nt given us the spirit of fear but the spirit of power and of sound mind, therefore lets keep on moving until we enter into the canan le4nd and God will take there in Jesus name. Reply