Ashanti NPP Deploys ‘Airwaves Sanity Monitoring Squad’


check The Ashanti Regional branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has cautioned members, especially supporters of any of the presidential aspirants that they would not be spared “the rod” if they resorted to divisive acts, invective and language that would affect the party negatively.

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He said after that they would be given a code of ethics to sign before they could speak for any candidate in the region.

“Anyone who refuses does so at his own risk,” Mr Kankam cautioned.


He said when a member was heard violating the ethics, members of the executives in the constituency that was in the vicinity of the radio station would move to the station to stop the person and ask him to apologise.

He said if he failed to comply with the rules, the party monitoring team would use “minimum force” to move him away from the radio station and he would be referred to the regional disciplinary committee for appropriate action to be taken.


Mr Kankam noted that the party was educating its members in the region to appreciate how all presidential aspirants formed their campaign messages and also let them know that such candidates were responsible for what their agents and spokespersons said on radio because they were the final beneficiaries.

He said the strategy was to let the ordinary members appreciate that all messages emanated from the centre and that the party could not afford to deal with people whose only objective was to seek their personal interest against the collective interest of its members and the Ghanaian populace at large.

Members, he added, would be told why they should vote against such candidates.