Posted: Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 9:00 am

America’s Goal Against Ghana Is 5th Fastest Goal In World Cup History

Clint Dempsey’s first half goal against the Black Stars of Ghana does not only constitute a sweet revenge but also ranks in history as the fifth fastest goal in world cup history.

A chart compiled by dailymail reveals the following statistics

Hakan Sukur (2002): 11 seconds against South Korea

Vaclav Masek (1962): 16 seconds against Mexico

Ernst Lehner (1934): 25 seconds against Austria

Bryan Robson (1982): 27 seconds against France

Clint Dempsey (2014): 29 seconds against Ghana

Bernard Lacombe (1978): 30 seconds against Italy

Emile Veinante (1938): 35 seconds against Belgium

Arne Nyberg (1938): 35 seconds against Hungary

Florian Albert (1962): 50 seconds against Bulgaria

Adalbert Desu (1930): 50 seconds against Peru

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