Posted: Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 9:00 am

America’s Goal Against Ghana Is 5th Fastest Goal In World Cup History

b401632674082 833822 Americas Goal Against Ghana Is 5th Fastest Goal In World Cup HistoryClint Dempsey’s first half goal against the Black Stars of Ghana does not only constitute a sweet revenge but also ranks in history as the fifth fastest goal in world cup history.

A chart compiled by dailymail reveals the following statistics

Hakan Sukur (2002): 11 seconds against South Korea

Vaclav Masek (1962): 16 seconds against Mexico

Ernst Lehner (1934): 25 seconds against Austria

Bryan Robson (1982): 27 seconds against France

Clint Dempsey (2014): 29 seconds against Ghana

Bernard Lacombe (1978): 30 seconds against Italy

Emile Veinante (1938): 35 seconds against Belgium

Arne Nyberg (1938): 35 seconds against Hungary

Florian Albert (1962): 50 seconds against Bulgaria

Adalbert Desu (1930): 50 seconds against Peru


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