Posted: Friday 16th May 2014 at 15:23 pm

Airtel Reopens Ring Road Customer Center

Airtel officials at the newly refurbished customer center at Ring Road.

Airtel officials at the newly refurbished customer center at Ring Road.

Airtel Ghana has re-opened its refurbished Ring Road customer care service center with the incorporation of two new services.

The center can boast of an Airtel Money shop in a conducive atmosphere where customers can pay and receive money in their Airtel money account, buy top up credits and pay their bills.

Airtel Premier Service, the new addition to the center, also provides customers with a VIP lounge where they can relax for their problems to be addressed.

Amanda Arthur, Head of Customer Lifestyle Management, Airtel, said the core of the Airtel business is to satisfy their customers.

She said the Airtel Premier Service provides customers with convenience when they travel to the customer service center to purchase an Airtel product.

She said customer care agents will continue to provide general customer care services to customers.

The telecommunication company also used the occasion to re-launch the Airtel ‘Talk Chaw Ankasa’ promo, which offers a voice offer that gives Airtel prepaid customers the opportunity to enjoy five times the amount they spend on their daily targets.

Airtel prepaid customers can enjoy the ‘Talk Chaw Ankasa’ when they meet their daily target.

Isaac Armar, Head of High Value Segment, Airtel, said customers are assigned daily usage targets and will receive bonus, which can be spent on Voice (on-net, off-net, International) SMS (peer to peer, no-net, off-net, international) and data (pay as you go).

He said upon achieving the target, the customer will instantly be rewarded with five times the target given, which must be used before midnight.

‘Talk Chaw Ankasa has no terms and conditions  and you do not have to subscribe,’ he said.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

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