Adventures of Sir John: Unauthorised version by Kwesi Yankah

Adventures of Sir John: Unauthorised version by Kwesi Yankah viagra for women india Sir John (left) and General Mosquito (right)

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His term as President of Sarbah Hall was curtailed when a campus controversy compelled his quick exit from the high seat within months of his swearing in. And when his successor asked him for handing over notes, Sir John would not hear that. He angrily blurted out a famous saying, “Listen. When you overthrow a government by coup d’etat, do they leave handing over notes?”

That quick rejoinder ended the matter.


Thank you Justice William for what has happened to Sir John, and other Prodigal Sons. You indeed heard the words of my rural friend Kwaku Baah of Sarbah Hall, who after three or so jugs of beer at the Loggia, blurted, ‘O Lord have mercy upon Mercy Oppong!’
And the mercy poured forth.