7 Smart Ways to Not Lose Yourself in a Relationship



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Keep family and old friends close, and make new friends. Don’t forget your “own world”– the world that existed before they came into your life. You must keep this world close to you as well, because your partner is not going to be around you at all times, and you don’t want to feel alone, incomplete, and bored without them. These are the people, apart from your partner, who have and will always be around you to make your life easier. They too deserve your individual time and attention.

5. Don’t lose “I” in “We”

When you are not with him, try not to mention him in every conversation you have with someone, and avoid texting him when you are with your friends or family. Not only is it annoying for others, it is also about being obsessive for your own good. All this might seem fine at the start of a new relationship, but not in the long run. Addressing yourself as “we” is okay when relevant, but don’t forget that there is an “I” in you as well.

6. Stand up for I

Too many arguments and fights may not be good for the relationship. Yet, letting go of your opinions, or suppressing your true feelings every time is not good! If it is not important, you can give it up and you need not create an issue. But if you really feel strongly about something, and if it upsets you, you must stand up for yourself, and tell your partner that you are not okay about it.

7. Love yourself unconditionally

Don’t forget that they fell in love with the person you were before you were in the relationship. They were drawn to the “you” that existed without “him/her”. So, don’t ever let that person go, or you might just end up losing your partner’s interest, or worse, your partner as well. Falling in love is great. But keep some love for yourself as well.
Both you and your partner have individual lives, along with your life together. Balance has always been the key to any kind of success, and the same applies here.

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