7 Great Mother’s Day Survival Tips for Step-moms

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  1. Realize that Mother’s Day is emotional for children as they will experience loyalty issues. Children may feel like they are betraying their mother if they acknowledge the step-mom.
  2. Have none or minimal expectations from your stepchildren. When you expect nothing, the smallest gesture such as a text or phone call is a wonderful surprise. If anything is done, express your gratitude.
  3. Standard visitation allows children to spend Mother’s Day with their biological mother. Encourage children to spend the entire weekend with their mom. If you are a biological mother, enjoy your children.
  4. Celebrate other women including your mother. Do something special for a deserving woman you know. Call or text another step-mom and wish them a happy Mother’s Day.
  5. Encourage your husband to assist his children with making sure they have what they need to celebrate their biological mother.
  6. If your ego will not allow you to make it through the day without feeling slighted, inform your husband in advance of your needs and tell him what you want him to do.
  7. Finally, don’t determine your net worth as a step-mom by what happens on Mother’s Day. Focus on the positive and a have a wonderful day!

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