5 Major Causes Of Bad Breathe And How To Handle It!


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A leading cause of bad breath is Dry Mouth – or if you want to get technical, Xerostomia. Described by According to Lisa Mooney at livestrong.com, a ‘dry mouth due to a lack of saliva in the body’ can be easily treated with a few simple home remedies.

‘‘When you suffer from this condition, an anaerobic environment is created in your mouth. This provides the perfect atmosphere for sulfur-producing bacteria to flourish. The release of these gases results in foul-smelling breath,” states Mooney.

The first step seems pretty obvious, but, make sure you consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. The best way to combat dehydration is through hydration. For social situations, arm yourself with an arsenal of sugar free mints and gum and consider amping up your oral hygiene routine. There’s no shame in bringing a toothbrush to work.

5. Obesity

This may seem surprising, but a 2007 research carried out by Tel Aviv University concluded that there is a strong link between halitosis and obesity. An article from Sciencedaily.com outlines the study below:

“The study was done in Israel and included a sample of 88 adults of varying weights and heights. While at a clinic for a regular check-up, they were asked by graduate student Tsachi Knaan, a co-author in the study, whether he could test the odor of their breath and ask questions about their daily habits.

Prof. Rosenberg, Knaan and Prof. Danny Cohen concluded from the data that overweight patients were more likely to have foul-smelling breath.”

And there you have it – five reasons why your breath may not be as fresh as it could or should be. As with all issues mouth-related, chronic halitosis is best treated through professional care. If you’re suffering, do not hesitate to contact your dental office and set up an appointment with your dentist. After all, that’s what they’re trained to do!

Source: naturalnews.com