Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

4 Signs You Are Being Used

There could be nothing more frustrating and heartbreaking than discovering those who purportedly professed their ‘love’ to us, and we reciprocating in return, are the same ones that took our love for granted and played with our emotions like it’s some worthless toy.

To avoid finding yourself in such an unpleasant situation, here are four signs that could help you detect earlier if you are being used or manipulated by your partner.



Your relationship is really a time bomb waiting to explode if all your partner is always interested in getting you involved in is s*x. And once they’ve extracted all possible s*xual pleasure and gratification from you, then you’ve certainly have been marked ‘done’ on their register. However, if you don’t want to be a record holder as a perpetual bridesmaid or an ever consistent groomsman and never the bride or groom, you’ve got to avoid being a pleasure spot that gratifies other people’s s*xual appetite.


Being with a partner that more or less contacts you only when they need something either through calling or meeting, is a bold sign that you are being used to serve their needs and they wouldn’t mind discarding you when you start objecting or when you have been comprehensively milked dry. You’d agree with me that when they need something, they’d perfectly act all caring, super nice, speak to you in romantic tones like they just came back from throat surgery and intense voice training. And when they’re done getting what they want, they are almost instantly gone for a while like they are on exile.


It’s always advisable to be on the alert when someone who is supposed to be your partner suddenly realises you exist. You either get sudden calls or request for hangouts and it could only mean two things- they are bored and need someone to be with or they are idle. Then if you similarly try making a request to hang out with them, you’re served with excuses from being busy (this is frequent) to tooth ache, to eye ache, and all what nots.


Nothing can be more indicative of being used than having a partner who seems reluctant or uninterested in making future plans with you. His/her temporary arrangement for you is to keep him/her company; you simply don’t figure in their future. If you on the other hand have made plans on the kind of luxurious house you’d build together, the large number of beautiful children you’d have or those exotic cars you’d drive, well, you might as well only be driving them in your imagination.

If you’ve been noticing any of these signs in your relationship or you have other views, kindly drop your comments.

– by Kalejaye Abayomi


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