4 Nice Ways to Dump a Bad Date


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Strategy: Get up, grab your purse, and walk out. No explanations necessary, but if he starts after you, tell him what you really think. “I’m not sitting here with a guy who is so rude he can’t look me in the eye, stares at women, and thinks it’s okay to touch me. I’m leaving. Do not follow me.”

If done properly, Amy says women never have to think of “ditching a bad date” as a thing that might haunt you years later. If a guy is not for you, he’s NOT for you. You’re probably not for him, either. Just remember to be kind because someday you may be on the receiving end of ‘the ditch.’

What’s your favorite ‘dump a date’ story? Have you ever been on the receiving end? What happened? Leave us a comment below…

Source: galtime.com