3 Benefits of Having ‘Couple Friends’


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  • Start at work. It’s usually pretty easy to figure out which co-workers are also married, so that’s a good place to make couple plans. The co-workers get a chance to build an out-of-office bond and the spouses may find a fun connection too.
  • Pick the right activity. For the first double date, choose an activity that keeps everyone busy, but allows some time for conversation. A movie might not be a great first outing as couples, and going out to dinner could put too much pressure on the conversation. Pick a sporting event or do something active, like miniature golfing or bowling.
  • Plan large group activities. To relieve some of the pressure, invite several couple friends over for a dinner party or organize a group outing to a concert or local festival. It expands your network of couple friends more quickly and connects others who may not know each other any other way.
  • Compromise. While one half of each couple may get along fabulously, the other two may not have a true connection. It happens – but that’s no reason to tell a spouse to just go out without you.

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