Law for Ghana households to fix solar systems in the offing

Every household in Ghana will soon be required to produce a percentage of the electricity it uses.

The Energy Commission is pushing for a law that would make it compulsory for buildings yet to be constructed in the country to install solar systems.

For this to happen, the Ghana Building Code, which provides guidelines on construction of buildings in the country, would have to be reviewed. This forms part of the target to have 10 percent of the country’s energy generation mix from renewable sources.

The chairman of the Energy Commission, Dr. Kwame Ampofo, said a major requirement of owners of future buildings would be the provision of solar systems on their edifices.

“The building code when reviewed will require future buildings to provide a certain percent which is yet to be determined, of electricity required by the occupants of that building must be provided by themselves”, Dr. Ampofo emphasized.

According to him, the law would also propel innovation among local architects as it is hoped they will be encouraged to design solar-compatible buildings. “…So we’ll see roof architecture shaped in such a way that we can put panels in them,” he added.

“This will be the new generation of buildings and architecture that’ll be coming when the building code is reviewed. Right now, you see people designing buildings with fancy roofs so steep, you can’t place panels in them”, he added.

One aspect of the yet-to-be promulgated law would be a directive to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) not to connect households without the capacity of providing some amount of their own electricity, to the national grid.

“And in the future we are looking at, if you do not have provision for solar, ECG will not connect you, because the company will not be obliged to provide 100% of your energy needs. It will provide only a percentage so you must demonstrate that you’ll be capable of providing your own solar system for say 30%”, the Energy Commission boss stated.

Source: Ghana/ Braimah

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