Youth interest in US electoral process hinges on solving problems

A co-founder of the Millennial Action project, Steven Olikara, has said American youth’s interest in the electoral process is motivated by the ability of the political system to solve problems such as campaign financing, districts demarcation, political party primary election system as well as voting and voter registration that have failed to evolve with technology among others.

He said many young people want to see signs that the US political system can serve their interest and that the challenges facing the US will not be solved unless the political system of the country works better.

He was speaking at the Youth and Politics Reporting Tour at the Foreign Press Building in Washington DC. He said many of the youth who voted for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections became Obama supporters before supporting the Democratic Party, on whose ticket the first black president of the free world stood for elections.

He said the grand swell of support Obama enjoyed from the youth in the past two elections, will elude both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. He said Obama excited the interest of Millennials by touching on issues of how America’s political system can work to benefit all in a way that both Clinton and Trump have failed to do.

The tour has brought together 23 journalists from across the globe to understand the US voting system and how the youth are engaging in the political processes of the country, ahead of this year’s elections.

Olikara said both candidates have failed to address the core issues of interest to the Millennials who constitute over 30% of America’s voter population.

The Millennial Action Project is a national organization activating millennial policy makers to foster bipartisan cooperation. The group is pursuing youth interest ahead of the November polls of the US, to ensure that the leading candidates focus on students’ loans; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights; racial discrimination among others.

The co-founder of the group said so far, his group has mobilized many young congressmen under age 45 in the US congress to form the first ever bipartisan caucus to pursue the youth agenda. He said the project has extended the arrangements to 14 state legislatures within the US.

Source: Ghana/ Gomez-Mensah, USA

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