Drummer Dies During Game

An Aduana Stars Supporters Union member collapsed and died while drumming on the pitch on Sunday against Inter Allies in their final league match of the season.

Eye-witness report said the deceased who was with his group and drumming suddenly collapsed.

Helpers failed in their attempt to resuscitate him and he was later pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital.

“He had been drumming during the game with others but fell on his side and was sprayed with water in a bid to wake him up but he failed so they rushed him to the hospital where he died,” a source told Footballghana.com

“According to some of his colleagues, he was one of the fans who suffered severe beatings during the midweek game at Wa so he had been indoors throughout after the game so they weren’t even expecting him to be at the stadium as he had not fully recovered so they (colleague fans) suspect his death had something to do with the assault in Wa.”

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