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Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPECGH), is currently collecting signatures across all the Transport Terminals and commuting public to petition the European Union (EU) to ban any further exports of poor grade fuels to Africa and Ghana especially.

The collection of signatures has been intensified after a publication of research findings on the 15th of September 2016, which revealed that diesel being sold on the Ghanaian market was of poor grade.

The research which was conducted by Public Eye in conjunction with their local partners the African Centre for Energy Policy hinted that currently diesel being dispensed to unsuspecting Ghanaian public is of poor quality which produces high sulphur content petroleum.

In a release signed by the Executive Secretary, COPECGH, Mr Duncan Amoah, asked why diesel products for some specific African countries including Ghana continue to have a very high amounts of sulphur making them harmful to human lives, the environment and contributing immensely to the breaking down of both industrial and automotive engines..

He said most civilized nations across the globe have long moved away from the use of high sulphur content petroleum products due to the harmful effects it has on virtually everything.

“At a time that these countries have set policy and standards which have been accepted and working with counts of 10 parts per million (ppm), the Ghanaian and some African countries continue to go to the same markets to import and supply to its people very high sulphur counts of 3000ppm”, he noted.

The Executive Secretary, COPECGH, further explained that it was instructive to note that some countries were  gravitating towards ultra-low sulphur counts to almost zero counts due to its harmful effects on lives and engine but the reverse seems the case in Ghana and some African countries.

Since the launch of the research findings, some authorities like the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Mr. Moses Asaga and the CEO of Chamber of Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs), Mr. Senyo Hosi have sought to cover this shameful outcomes using the cost argument which Mr Amoah said will not wash.

“These high polluting diesel products are currently sold to the unsuspecting Ghanaian public for almost 50% additional cost to what some of the countries who adopt high standards or quality grade fuels charge their people,” he noted.

According to the most current global petrol pricing index figures show that Ghana’s price is higher than countries like: Canada: $0.75/Litre, USA: $0.64/Litre, Kenya: $0.65/Litre, Ghana: $ 0.92/Litre.

Currently African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) a local partners of Public Eye, expressed shock and has embarked on a campaign to collect gallons of highly polluted air to be sent back to Europe where these bad products originate with the view to forestalling any further exports to African countries especially Ghana.


Source: Ghana/ Asare-Donkoh

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