NDC 2016 Manifesto: "Mahama didn't write 'foko'" ….. Kofi Adams reveals

Politics of Saturday, 17 September 2016

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NDC Manifesto Blues


….. Kofi Adams, Lee Ocran confirm

The National Campaign Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress, Kofi Adams, has discounted claims made by President Mahama that he contributed significantly to the writing of the 2016 manifesto of the party.

According to Kofi Adams, who disclosed this to Brong Ahafo regional executives of the NDC on Thursday, 15th September, in preparation for the NDC’s manifesto launch on Saturday, urged the members of the party to “treat the President’s remarks with a pinch of salt.”

Kofi Adams, whose claim did not sit down well with regional executives, told the 25-man team gathered at the Eusbett Hotel, that “President Mahama did not write ‘foko’. He did not contribute in any way to the drafting of the Manifesto. You can ask any of the committee members. Lee Ocran is here, you can ask him.”

Member of the Manifesto Committee, Lee Ocran, who has been a member over the years of various manifesto committees, subtly tried to water-down Kofi Adams’ comments by stating that “well, I wouldn’t use Kofi Adams’ word and say the President did not write ‘foko’. Yes, it is true that he did not contribute to the writing, but at least he saw the final draft before it went for printing.”

As though this was not enough, Lee Ocran further stated that “the draft manifesto come to as without a single mark or annotation by the President, meaning he was very comfortable with the manifesto given him.”

This submission by Lee Ocran, drew an angry response by Kofi Adams, who stated, to the dismay of the NDC faithful gathered that “I don’t know why Lee Ocran is being diplomatic. I will call a spade a spade”.

He told the Brong Ahafo Regional executives to cast their minds back to the presentation of the manifesto highlights made by President Mahama, saying that “the President’s presentation was one of someone who did not even know the details of the manifesto, he was just reading out the highlight with no emotional attachment to it whatsoever.”

The bombshell, which was to break the proverbial camel’s back was yet to come.

Kofi Adams, who is also the National Organiser of the NDC, told the gathering that “we never plagiarized or copied the NPP’s manifesto for 2016. This is because they don’t have a manifesto yet. However, we picked ideas from the NPP flagbearer. He has said some useful things, which we dubbed. After all, they were just ideas he was floating about and not contained in any formal document.”

It will be recalled that on the same day Kofi Adams was making this disclosure, President Mahama was also addressing chiefs and members of the Ga Traditional Council, where he contradicted Kofi Adam’s claims by stating that he directly participated in the drafting of the NDC 2016 manifesto and can vouch for its originality.

“I was directly involved in writing the manifesto for the NDC and so I know everything that is in that manifesto because I participated. People did not just write it and bring it to me; I participated in writing that manifesto,” he said.

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