Volta Serene Hotel to be honoured in Switzerland

Business News of Friday, 16 September 2016

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Volta Serene Hotel Md1Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse – Chairman of First Sky Group of companies.

There are many hotels in Ghana. At the same time, since all fingers cannot be equal, likewise with hotel operations within the hospitality industry of Ghana.

As a result, hotel services in Ghana, can also not be the same – thus infrastructure wise, quality service delivery and customer satisfaction; hence the best achieve their recognition within and beyond the shores of Ghana.

One such hospitality facility, which has become a toast of global patrons and celebrated locally and internationally, the Volta Serene Hotel – a member of the First Sky Group of companies, is billed to be honoured this weekend [September 17-18, 2026] at Geneva, Switzerland, at the International Star for Quality Convention.

To be presented with the International Star for Quality Award, GOLD Category by the Business Initiative Directions (BID], the man to mount the podium on behalf of Volta Serene Hotel [in Ghana] will be the Group [First Sky] Chairman, Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, for outstanding excellence and quality, in accordance with the QC100 criteria, for economic growth, leadership, technical development, and innovation.

A letter informing the corporate Chief Executive Officer [CEO], Mr. Seddy Kutortse of the hotel’s terrific performance, sighted by The Informer reads: “BID has decided to award the International Star for Quality in the GOLD category to Volta Serene Hotel on the basis of a voting process carried out among all the participating previous award winners”.

It added; “The results of the voting process are confidential, in that, the exact source of nomination of your entity cannot be revealed. The final decision to award your organization, made by the International Star for Quality Selection Committee, is based on the criteria of the principles of the QC100 TQM and the information gathered by an international structure of experts in business communication, who research great segments of public and private information sources, such as the media, publications, advertising, trade fairs and exhibitions, consultancy companies, universities, Chambers of Commerce, and Commercial Offices of Embassies”.

The venue for the ceremony, the InterContinental Genève Convention Hall, is expected to constitute a moment of public recognition of the success of Volta Serene Hotel.

The award ceremony scheduled to starts at 7pm together with Gala Dinner [Awards] of which Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse and other recipients will be beautifully decorated, will be attended by distinguished business representatives from all over the world, members of the media and diplomatic corps, as well as experts in public relations and corporate image.

About BID

BID is considered by many to be the leading private entity in recognizing quality and innovation in companies, organizations and institutions worldwide. BID awards and quality program have benefited those awarded in the past at our conventions, both in media attention through the Quality Mix program and technical advantages of implementation of the QC100 model for continuous improvement.


In August this year, Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse and his Construction firm, the First Sky Limited, at the 3rd Edition of the T.W.A.R.M Business & Leadership organized by The West African Regional Magazine at GROSVENOR HOUSE HOTEL, Dubai, was adjudged Outstanding Construction Company of the Year [2016] for its best corporate practices among many others.

“This [award] is for revolutionizing the construction industry of Ghana by building roads, bridges and highways that have done the country proud”; stated in a letter to inform the aforementioned company and its Group Chair for the honour.

It continued; “Some of your signature projects include the 27.7km MIDA road project, which FIRST SKY Limited completed at a record time; the on-going 27-kilometre road project in Krachi West District [Kete-Krachi], Volta Region to be completed in 2017, and many others have heralded you as the undisputable flagship of Ghana’s construction industry”.

They further added; “This award is, therefore, well-deserved, as it’s actually an appreciation of your impeccable record in the road sector

The West African Regional Magazine, which has among its priorities, highlighting of the sub-region [West Africa] with the aim of promoting intra-regional trade explains thus; “Among leading corporations moving the sub-region forward, FIRST SKY LTD. stands out conspicuously, for recognition.

“We are, therefore, delighted to inform you that by a unanimous decision, you have been selected for the Leadership Award as OUTSTANDING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF THE YEAR [2016]”.

Still on its outstanding performance, Mr. Kutortse, in April this year, mounted the dais in twofold for recognition at the Banquet Hall of Accra, in an award ceremony put forward by the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana.

Adjudged the Group Chief Executive of the Year [2015], and his Volta Serene Hotel, snatching the Hospitality & Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award -2015, for its stupendous hospitality, Mr. Kutortse and his company, were duly commended and celebrated by all.

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