‘Solo’ Has Put Pressure On Me – Article Wan

His song has become a street anthem across Ghana and beyond and grown bigger than his name, Article Wan, singer of the ‘Solo’ hit track.

Article Wan, the young Ghanaian singer and beat producer who is gaining international fame spoke to NEWS-ONE:

“I am grateful to God, my team, my family, my fans and my friends. The whole song talks about differences. ‘Solo’ is a Ga word that means different. The concept is to tell everyone that I am coming out with something different. It is about me being different from every other musician out there. And I am happy I have been accepted.”

The music video for the song has become a television favourite and a social media sensation.

Asked if his fast climb to fame has put some pressure on him, the young man said transition from an up-and-coming musician to mainstream puts pressure on any musician:

“Yes, I am under much, much pressure. Pressure comes when you have a hit song. When you are underground, you have less pressure and you are free because there are no eyes on you, you can walk freely. But when your song becomes a hit, everyone starts to watch what you wear and how you behave. So after the hit song, comes pressure to do another hit but it is the nature of our job and there is little we can do about it. You have to admit it and face it.

Article Wan says in private life he is known as Bright Homenya.

He is a lively person with a charming personality and explained the reason he says ‘HmmNyeNye’ in all his songs. ‘HmmNyeNye’ is something that came out when my mom gave birth to me. When my mom was alive, anytime I did something wrong, she would just say ‘HmmNyeNye’. So one day I asked her why she says that and she explained that when she gave birth to me that was how I cried and that there were breaks in my crying. It actually has no meaning but I have just adopted it as my star sign.”

The ‘Solo’ hit maker said he studied Graphics and Web Designing at school but music comes to him as a talent from God.

“Music is a talent I have from God. I have not studied it anywhere.  The beat making and sound producing and everything started when I had my computer. I am one person who loves melody so anything that has melody I move to it and wit it.  I love rhythms.

“I am really grateful to God almighty and I have put God first in everything I do. Banner Bee has been a brother from day one and my team has been really helpful to me. We have our normal challenges because it is a real team but business is going on as usual. I love my fans a lot and I appreciate everyone around me. Family, fans and friends, hast the three Fs.”

He expressed hopes of getting nominations in the next Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and said though he has heard some say ‘Solo’ belongs to Nii Funny, he is not perturbed about it.

“Personally, I am looking at getting nomination for discovery of the year, popular song of the year and if producing one song can earn me producer of the year, I should be in that category too.

Solo is my song it is not for Nii Funny. Funny himself has told me people think the song is his but it may be because when I said ‘find the, link up’, it sounded as though I was saying Funny, But I am not worried. It is my song and with time everyone is getting to know it.”

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