Repentance is the way forward for Ghana — Pastor Sowah

General News of Friday, 16 September 2016



Pastor Sowah1Pastor Philip Cann Odoi Odoteye Sowah

Unlike politicians who have vowed to rule by the constitution of the land, an independent presidential candidate for the 2016 election is using the Holy Bible and his message is repentance.

Pastor Philip Cann Odoi Odoteye Sowah believes in the wise saying that it is better to show a man how to fish than to give him fish.

Pastor Sowah, who spoke to the Daily Graphic, stated that what past and current leaders of the country had done was to build structures for the people, “which are social interventions which are neither here nor there.”

Spiritual intervention

He stressed that what was required was a spiritual intervention which would show people how to fish for themselves and sacrifice for the well-being of the state.

Pastor Sowah said Ghana was a well-endowed country with abundant human and natural resources: gold, diamond, timber and oil which, when properly harnessed, would ensure that nobody suffered in the country.

He said people were living below the poverty line, while disease, squalor and ignorance had afflicted them.

He said corruption was a social canker that ought to be attacked vigorously, since no amount of lip service could eradicate corruption.

Paying lip service

Pastor Sowah said the rebranding of the buses was a classical case of paying lip service to the fight against corruption as none of the political parties demanded that the pictures of the past heads of state be removed from the buses.

He said apart from the noise made about this colossal case of corruption, no steps were taken to punish those involved in the rebranding of the buses; they were only told to refund the amount spent.


The independent presidential candidate said corruption, power outages (dumsor), single spine salary vis-a-vis unemployment, health issues and armed robbery have become an albatross on the necks of political leaders.

He stressed that there was nothing in the Constitution or manifestoes of political parties that could change the conditions and circumstances of the country if the people refused to repent.

“We must begin to apply the rule of law because nobody is above the law, including the President of the land.”

Change of attitude

He said his campaign would, therefore, be hinged on change of attitude and tested and tried people would be put in positions of trust with the caveat that those who would break the law would be severely punished.

He said he would also inculcate in the youth righteousness and the fear of God as judgement day await people to account for their stewardship.

Pastor Sowah stressed that “whether Ghanaians vote for me or not, I think I have fulfilled my mission of calling on people to repent to save the country from destruction by corruption as no institution in the country was working properly,” he concluded.

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