‘Johnbull’ Makes Case For Public Health

Prime time television drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by Glo, is fast becoming a major reference point in social reorientation and the much needed restoration of societal values.
This is evident in the latest episode of the satire which highlights the damning consequences of filthy environments and the need for members of the public to consciously cultivate the culture of proper disposal of domestic wastes.


This episode of the TV drama series, tagged Mobile Dustbin, is airing this Saturday on UTV at 7:30pm.
Viewers of the sitcom will have the opportunity of knowing how the action, omission or commission of everyone in the society can impact positively or negatively on public health as the episode accentuates the essence of public sanitation.
“Viewers will find Mobile Dustbin hilarious and soul-searching at such an auspicious time when the issue of deteriorating public health has become a crucial issue in developing nations, especially across Africa,” Glo said in a statement on the series.
Viewers will also have the opportunity of discovering the reaction of the sanctimonious professor, Professor Johnbull, when his son is caught on the wrong side of the law and whether he will maintain his renowned moral stand.

Also, viewers will discover why Olaniyi Nkwobi’s ‘chop bar’ is sealed off and the other locations affected by the hammer in the sanitary audit.
The episode will showcase top actors like Kanayo O. Kanayo (Professor Johnbull), Queen Nwokoye as Elizabeth, Yomi Fash-Lanso (Olaniyi), Mercy Johnson Okojie, who plays the role of Caro, Funky Mallam  (Mai Doya), Ogus Baba (Samson) and Junior Pope  as Churchill. There will also be a cameo appearance by Glo ambassador and Nollywood actor, O.C. Ukeje, who acts as Efosa.
In the statement released Friday, Glo encouraged viewers to watch Professor Johnbull‘s Mobile Dustbin by 7:30.p.m. on Saturday on UTV.

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