Former GAPI Chairman Fights GHAMRO

The former National Chairman of the Ghana Association of Phonographic Industry (GAPI), Ken Opoku Asiedu, has criticised the executives of Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHMARO), led by Kojo Antwi, for not living up to expectation.


He disclosed that the executives were not being transparent with the collection and distribution of intellectual music royalties to music right owners, adding, “Right owners don’t even know the criteria they used in distributing royalties to them.”


He asked, “How can the executives of GHAMRO distribute money when the right owners don’t know the total amount collected or the total amount being distributed?”

As the chief executive officer (CEO) of His Majesty Music Productions, Mr Opoku Aseidu in a statement mentioned that the activities of GHAMRO executives were creating division among the stakeholders in the music industry.

He said it was unfortunate to state that the current direction and focus of GHAMRO as an organisation does not guarantee the utmost benefits to right owners and members.

Mr Opoku Aseidu reminded the leadership of GHAMRO to work together for a larger number of rights owners.

He called on GHAMRO leadership to come out and tell the stakeholders in the industry the total amount of money collected on behalf of the right owners and the total amount of money distributed to the right owners this year.

“GHAMRO should also account to the members the total amount of monies spent on anti piracy, capacity building, among others,” he added.

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