Trump's anti-Clinton speech cut short by black pastor

The pastor of a Michigan black church has interrupted Donald Trump as he pilloried Hillary Clinton in a speech.

Rev Faith Green Timmons cut short Mr Trump as he attacked his Democratic rival’s support for global trade deals.

“Mr Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech,” said the Bethel United Methodist Church pastor.

“Oh, oh, OK, that’s good,” the Republican nominee responded, shuffling papers on his podium.

He went on to make a few remarks about fixing Flint’s drinking water problems, but some in the crowd began to heckle.

One woman shouted out that the real estate magnate had used discriminatory housing practices in his buildings.

The businessman responded: “Never, you’re wrong. Never would.”

The pastor interrupted again, this time to reproach Mr Trump’s hecklers, saying: “He is a guest in my church and you will respect him”.
Mr Trump abruptly ended his speech, which had lasted six minutes.

On Thursday morning, he spoke to Fox News about the pastor who had interrupted him.
He said he “noticed she was so nervous when she introduced me”.

“She was like a nervous mess,” he added.

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