Donald Trump in excellent health-doctor

Republican nominee Donald Trump is in “excellent physical health,” according to a letter from his doctor.

Mr Trump released the letter from his doctor, Harold N Bornstein, following a recent physical examination.

The 70-year-old is listed as 6 foot 3 inches (1.9 metres) and weighs 236 pounds (116 kilos), which makes him nearly obese for his height.

The letter comes as his rival Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail after she was sick with pneumonia.
Both candidates have faced public scrutiny over transparency about the state of their health.

“He takes a lipid lowering agent (rosuvastatin) and a low dose aspirin,” the letter said. “He does not use tobacco products or alcohol.”
His weight and height give him a body mass index of 29.5, according to US measurements, which is within the “overweight” range but very close to the “obese” mark at 30.0.

Mr Trump discussed his health with talk-show host Dr Mehmet Oz in a taped interview, which is set to air on Thursday.


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