Brong Ahafo sports Presenters have declared operation 'Sankabele' on Techiman City

Other Sports of Thursday, 15 September 2016

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

The adage that says ”if you stays in the glass house you don’t throw stone or when you throw a ball onto the wall it bounces back to you is indeed real.Techiman City, controversially got promotion to participate in the elite division after bribery allegation and now it seems after just one season their ‘motto Enemies are not God’ has turned against them.

A team, that brought happiness to the entire environs of Techiman is now going back to relegation because of poor administrative lapses.The playing body are allegedly facing motivation crises despite an exorbitant charges at gate.

The team, according to my research is the most hated one in Brong Ahafo because of attacks and maltreatment meted out to some Sunyani based journalist.Apart from their fans hostility towards some media houses, the president of the club too at times indulges himself in hooliganism and the emphasis is the slapping of Berlin FC CEO, Tachie Arhin- Turnder.

Now,Berekum fans are warning Obed Nana Kwame Nketia, the CEO of Chelsea, not to spare Techiman City on Sunday.

The fans in Berekum have decided to put the CEO of Chelsea aside and they will themselves be in charge of that particular game as vigilante groups, so as to avoid any match fixing.Berekum Chelsea, has nothing to lose in that game, so the fans believe the coach might not use the right materials and seriousness of how they played Ashgold game would not be repeated thus why majority of the sports journalist in Brong Ahafo have decided to go and witness the game in Berekum.

Some of the Berekum fans l inter vied recounted the ordeal they went through when Chelsea visited Techiman in the first round.Definitely,when Chelsea beat City on Sunday only miracle would save them so l would like the entire country to put their eye on that match so as to avoid any Brong man nkosuo.City qualification to me was not on merit so the right thing must be done to send them back to prepare well,thus why operation sankabele-that is to go back to where you came from, have been declared against City.

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