11-month-old girl snatched from her mother's bed and raped

A mother has told how her 11-month-old baby was snatched from her bed in the middle of the night and raped for two hours before she was found unconscious in bushes with her clothes ripped, nail marks all over her body and covered in blood.

The mother, 25, let out a piercing scream as she realised the toddler had been taken as she slept in her parents’ bed in a tent on a building site in Delhi, India.

‘I woke up and she was gone,’ she told MailOnline. ‘I don’t know what stirred me but when I knew she was missing I was screaming and crying for help.’

Recalling the ordeal, she explained how it took a frantic 30 minute police search before the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was finally discovered by police.

She said she fears her daughter will now suffer from long-term health problems after being taken from the bed where her husband and their four-year-old son also slept.

The family were living in a tent because her father, 27, had been earning £2 a day as a labourer constructing a new police residential complex in Vikaspuri, Delhi, northern India, and couldn’t afford to pay for more expensive accommodation.

His wife of eight years said: ‘We were used to sleeping this way. Many people sleep next to their work in Delhi, I thought we were ok.’

But when she woke up at 1am, to her horror, her baby was missing.
She said: ‘We shouted for help. I was shouting so loudly I woke everyone up in nearby tents and everyone started looking for my daughter. I was crying for help.

‘We didn’t expect this. We were at peace. I thought we were safe. We all work together. It’s nice. We didn’t expect that something like this could happen. We didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t fight with anyone. I felt completely helpless.’

One of the other labourers called the police, who arrived at 1.30am, and officials quickly arrived and searched the area.
They eventually they found the girl in a nearby jungle area at 2am. She had her clothes torn and there were bloody scratch marks across her little body.

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