This Is Exactly What Happens When You Visit Your Hometown After Years In The City

Urban migration is something that is very prevalent in Ghana. Everybody wants to move to the city to work and make money.

These people occasionally visit their hometowns to see family and old friends if any. There are those who were also sent to the city when they were very young and have lived and grown in the city.

No matter where you find yourself, there comes that moment where you have to go to your roots for the first time after leaving. This journey mostly is full of excitement since one is eager to see family and old friends. It could also be a moment of a reality check when one realises the changes that have taken place after all the years.

This reunion brings joy and happiness to both sides when it finally happens.

Below are 10 things that happen when we visit home after years of leaving.

1. Ask For Directions To Family House

Most people who visit their hometowns after years in the city end up seeking directions to their family homes when it dawns on them the changes that have taken place after they left. This normally happens because they want to surprise their families so they do not inform them of their visit. There are various changes happening in and around the country so if you leave a place for some few ,months, you might not recognize the same place when you go back.

Photo: Amalfia/Flickr

Photo: Amalfia/Flickr


2. Everyone Stares At You

Once you arrive home from the city, your clothes and demeanor gives you away as a stranger and you get everyone staring at you. If you go with a car, you might cause a few stares because they know you’re a stranger. It can get quite frustrating though having eyes follow you all over the place.

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Image :


3. Parents Unofficially Announce Your Arrival

Once you get home, your parents and siblings if any will burst out with joy. To prove that their child has gone to the city and returned home looking good, they make a lot of noise out of excitement which attracts neighbors. Once you settle down, you might have your parents inform other people about your visit. Day in day out, they inform more people about your visit just to prove how proud they are.

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4. You’re Taken To Greet Other Family Members and Friends

This is more like a tradition, you’ll have your parents take you to other family members to greet them and also for them to introduce you to them as their child who has been in the city. Even if these family members know you, you’re still introduced to them because it’s been years. It also gives your parents an opportunity to show off a bit.

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5. You Get A Big Bowl Of Fufu Or A Local Dish

Once you’re home, you’re guaranteed a big bowl of fufu or a local dish in your hometown. This is a way of welcoming you back home. No matter who you are, you’ll and cannot reject this offer. This is normally done for everyone who visits a home in the rural area but yours becomes special because you’ve been away for a long time. How you’re served this meal is even special. You use a new bowl, new napkin etc. Even if you’ll be there for some few hours, you’ll still be made to eat the meal before leaving.

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6. Family Time Where You Talk Of City Life

This is the most important part where you sit with the family after eating your food and you tell them about your life in the city. They ask all the questions and you provide all the answers. You tell them everything that happened from the day you landed in the city, where you stayed, what has been going on and what you do currently.

Image: Instagram/RealOmoSexy

Image: Instagram/RealOmoSexy

7. Everyone Comes To Get Their Share Of Presents Or Money

Once you arrive in your hometown from the city, it’s assumed that you brought some goodies so every family member who hears the news rushes to your family house to verify and also get their share of the goodies. They know very well that you have brought something and so won’t miss the opportunity to get a bit of it.



8. Discussions On Marriage With Parents

The joy of every parent is to see their child married so after many years, once you get back home, the conversation after the one with the whole family, now shifts to your marital life where your parents tell you how old you’re getting and the need to settle down with somebody. For the guys, they sometimes tell you that if you don’t have anyone in mind, they can find you a nice, respectful girl from the town to marry.

Image: MovieFone

Image: MovieFone


9. That One Sibling Who Wants To Leave With You

Once you come back home, there’s always that one sibling who after seeing you, feels his/her life could also be transformed in the city so will like to leave with you. They make it clear to you that they’ll go with you when you’re going back and that’s it. They’ll pack and wait for the grand exit even if it doesn’t happen at the end.




10. That Old friend Who Won’t Let You Have Peace

You were friends before you left for the city. Once you get back home and they get to know that you’re in town, they come rushing to your family home. From this moment, it’s a “stick to me like glue time”. They’ll never leave you alone or let you have some peace. From questions to asking for assistance and wanting to also come to the city. If you stay a couple of days, this friend will always show up in your family home each day.

Image: Gif Finder

Image: Gif Finder


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