Ladies, Here Are Five Ways Baby Powder Can Save Your Life

You probably have baby powder or talcum powder just sitting somewhere just gathering dust. I have great news, baby powder can save your life, and your money too. Here are five ways you can use baby powder to fix big problems. Big things really come in small packages, they ain’t ever lie.

Say bye bye to expensive powders that don’t work. After you apply all your makeup, use a large powder brush to apply a little baby powder to your face. It absorbs all the oil and prevents your face from looking shiny.

Before you apply your mascara, dust a little baby powder onto your lashes, and voila!



All you have to do is sprinkle a little onto your skin before applying the wax. It will help the wax latch onto the hairs better and leave your skin feeling baby smooth.

To keep your feet and shoes from smelling funky, (you never know when you’d bump into a hot guy) sprinkle some baby powder into the shoes before putting them on.

Running out of deodorant is a nightmare. Thankfully, baby powder can come to your rescue. All you need to do is dust some baby powder in your armpits to absorb all the moisture and leave you smelling fresh enough.

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