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Entertainment of Tuesday, 13 September 2016

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Nenebi Poet Stage StammerNenebi

Poet/songwriter Nenebi has revealed he has a speech impairment and has developed a strategy to disguise.

He made this revelation on Joy FM’s entertainment show, Rythms A-Z, last Saturday, September 10th. He was on the show to promote his new single, ‘Me, My Selfie and Eyes’, which features Mzbel and actress Moesha Bodoung.

Nenebi speaking on his growing online presence, Nenebi midway said, “My name on Facebook is,” paused for a few seconds before mentioning his Facebook name, Ur Nenebi.

Mamavi then asked, “You had to think about that?” Nenebi responded with his speech impairment revelation, “I stammer a little so I close my eyes and pretend I am thinking to hide the fact that I am stammering,” to roaring laughter by all present in the studio.

Nenebi also revealed in the interview, his single, Me, My Selfie and Eyes, took two years to make.

His reason being, “I wrote the music (chorus) during the Becca Girl Talk two years ago. I was one of the few guys allowed in (he was working on production for the show). I was in the room watching all the girls doing nothing but playing with their phones. Taking pictures instead of enjoying the show. That inspired me to write the chorus and I had to spend two years on the verses because I wanted to write something that is simple and intelligent.”

Zooming in on the lyrics of the chorus, Mamavi asked Nenebi how he could write a song about being in the bathroom when he was in a big hall (the National Theatre) full of people.

He responded, “It is about your imagination. It is about where you allow your imagination to take you.”

Nenebi rounded up the 15-minute interview giving the host some lollipops and serenading her with a love poem. A male in the studio teased him about giving cheap gifts which he responded with, “It’s not the price of the gift but the thought that counts.”

Nenebi’s single, Me, My Selfie and Eyes featuring Mzbel and Moesha was released on September 2nd, 2016 via his Audiomack page.

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