All The Things That Happened When You Fell Sick In School

Back in the days, we used words like “I’m not feeling well” to try to escape from school especially when we don’t do projects and assignments.

But once or twice in every seven times we tell that lie, we’re actually sick and that’s so not funny.

Image: AngelaDona

Image: AngelaDona

1. You when you tell your folks you’re sick and they don’t even believe you

small girl thinking meme african girl


2. And then you have to go to school.

hoakim noah


3. The classes make it worse and last last, they send you to sick bay. 

Image: JPic

Image: JPic


4. Your classmates when they hear you’re going to the sick bay



5. What is actually going on



6. When you go home and tell your folks and they’re worried

Patience Ozokwor


7. So they take you to the pharmacy and get drugs 

Image: USP

Image: USP


8. And they buy Capri Sonne and all the things you like

Image: Capri Sonne

Image: Capri Sonne


9. Your siblings are looking at you like



10. But you probably don’t have an appetite so you end up not eating all of it

cant handle meme


11. Your siblings when you can’t eat any of the goodies

Image: Wild Life TV

Image: Wild Life TV


12. You when you’re better and start thinking of those things you said no to. 



What other things do you experience when you’re sick?

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