12 Weekend & Public Holiday Struggles Workers Can Understand

Everybody loves the weekend and more importantly, we love public holidays!

Well except you get to work on these special days, why wouldn’t you love these days?

But you know what we don’t like? When reality sets on you that tomorrow is a work day and you have to go back to

If you have experienced this at some point, then you should understand some of these things

1. When you go out with your friends and you have to keep reminding yourself to leave early because work



2. And then that friend of yours who’s a student or the boss reminds you that of your current predicament



3. You thinking of your weekend/holiday and trying to think of how you spent it

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4. And mentally making a note of things not to do when the next holiday comes around



5. When you get home and have to put your alarm clock back on

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Image: giphy.com


6. And start ironing clothes because you cannot be looking like the weekend on a Monday morning


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7. You at work, when it’s a Thursday – because Thursday is close to Friday and Friday, is the beginning of the weekend




8. Strutting into the office on Fridays like



9. You waiting for the next public holiday



10. And when the public holiday finally comes

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image: giphy.com


11. You, when it’s close of work and one email, comes in



12. And you on the weekends.

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We totally love being here on weekends and public holidays for you though 😉

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