This Nigerian Twitter User Documented Amazing Photos of Colonial Buildings And We Are Stunned

Nigerian Twitter user @Kelechinaba set out to document pictures of houses built during the colonial era, and the results are simply amazing. 

Colonial buildings have this classic aura, that transports you back in time and gives you a glimpse of what life was back then. It’s a shame that most of these buildings have not been well preserved, but thanks to people like Kelechi, we get to see what some of these buildings look like. See the amazing photos below.

All Images courtesy [email protected]

1. Building on Queen’s Street Yaba

queens-street yaba


2. The magnificent Cathedral Church, Ebutte Metta



3. And this building in Mushin

colonial buildings


4. This gem tucked somewhere in Surulere 

colonial buildings


5. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Ebutte Ero

colonial building


6. Another building in Yabacolonial building


7. And this Grand Structurecolonial building


8. Lisa Lodge colonial building


9. This building in Ogun Stateogun-state


10. Cathedral Of Saint Peter, Ibadancolonial building


11. Mapo Hall, Ibadancolonial building


12. Cocoa House, Ibadan

colonial buildings


13. Doherty House, Lagos

colonial building


14. The Holy Cross Cathedral



15. And this glorious Church in Umuahia

colonial building


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