Photographer, Fatima Abubakar Shows Us The True View Of Borno State Through Her Lens

Borno state is located in the North Eastern part of Nigeria and is one of the areas heavily affected by the insurgent group Boko Haram. 

For years, the narrative of a state ravaged by terrorism as followed Borno state, and to most Nigerians the state is a mere shadow of what it used to be as the terrorist group, Boko Haram has completely destroyed it. Fatima Abubakar has taken it upon herself to tell the true story of Borno via her Instagram account: Bitsofborno. In pictures filled with vibrant colours, she shows us the different people of Borno, who have survived the crisis. The pictures are really touching and beautiful and they are really worth thousands of words.

All Images courtesy- Fatima Abubakar

1. A lesson to us all, to smile no matter the circumstance


2. We simply adore how cute these girls look


3. Their joy is infectious


4. This shot of a girl getting water shows that the people of Borno are determined to live a normal, healthy life. 


5. Girls at school


6. More children learning


7. We can’t get enough of their smiles!


8. How cute is this little girl with her teddy bear?!


9. Their smiles are so pure and innocent


10. This picture showing sibling love in its most unadulterated form is just so heartwarming

Our heart goes out to the beautiful people of Borno, and we think Fatima is doing an awesome job with her photography. You should also see more photos of the people in North Eastern Nigeria.

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