Lies We Were Told As Kids

Gone are the days when we believed everything our parents said, and they said a lot.

To put kids right and discourage them from doing certain things, parents normally told them something that’ll scare them and prevent them from engaging in a particular act. Some were also said for fun, to get us excited.

This worked on us until we became adults and realized they were just fabrications.

Below are lies we were told as kids.

1. If You Sing In The Shower You’ll See A Ghost

This was probably to prevent foam from getting into our mouths but we were told that we’ll see ghosts if we sing in the shower. Kids were really scared of this and will not even hum a tune whiles taking a bath.



2. When You Pound In An Empty Mortar, You Pound Your Mother’s Breast

This is for the mortar and pestle. We were told that when you pound in a mortar that is empty, you’re pounding your mother’s breast and she’ll be in pain. Kids used to cry over this when they accidentally pound in an empty mortar and they are told. Apparently, it was to discourage us hitting the pestle in the raw mortar since it ends up damaging the head of the pestle.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

3. When You Rub Overnight Water From A Mortar On Your Eyes, You’ll See A Ghost

In most Ghanaian homes, Fufu is prepared in the evening. After it’s done, the mortar and pestle are washed and left to dry but because it’s late and they are made of wood, you might find some small water in the mortar in the morning. To discourage kids from putting this liquid on their face or eyes since it’s been in the mortar overnight and might have attracted insects, we were told we’ll see ghosts when we apply it.

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4. There Are Human Beings Inside The Television

I remember those days when we didn’t understand the technology of the television, we were told that it’s real human beings who are inside the television and doing all those things we see on screen. When television signals go off, we were told the people inside have gone out to eat. I still don’t understand why they did this to us.



5. Abomination To Sweep Early In The Morning Or Late At Night

So as kids, because we normally wake up early and sleep late, we do a lot of things during that time to keep ourselves busy. To prevent us from sweeping and disturbing everyone, we were told that it’s an abomination to sweep early in the morning or late at night.

Image: indiaToday

Image: indiaToday


6. Whistling At Night Attracts Dwarfs

It’s such an irritating thing to have someone whistling at night while you’re trying to get some needed relaxation after a hard days work. I guess this is what led to our parents telling us that whistling at night attracts dwarfs. You won’t even try this if you were the bravest of kids. Dwarfs we were made to believe are spiritual beings who can appear at any time.

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7. When You Flap Your Hands At White Birds In The Sky, You’ll Get White Patches On Your Nails

This was more for fun because what we were doing didn’t have any negative effect on us or anyone. As kids, anytime we saw those black and white birds in the sky, we normally opened our arms and flapped them like birds while calling on the birds to land on our nails with the twi song, “bele, bele si min sa so”. This was supposed to get us white patches on our fingernails as we were told will happen by our parents. Surprisingly, we had white patches on our nails after doing this.

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