Here’re The Most Powerful Shrines In Ghana

There are millions of shrines in Ghana since many still believe in the traditional religion.

Shrines are measures based on their potency and how effective their gods are.

When you step foot into this country, these are the few well-known ones that everybody on the streets of Ghana believe they are the most powerful and do believe whatever they do, works.

1. Posuban Shrines

These are shrines built in honor of soldiers who fought for the town and this shrine is very popular among the Fantis.


2. Nogokpo Shrine

Nogokpo is a small village located in the Ketu South Municipal of the Volta Region of Ghana along the Trans–West African Coastal Highway. It is noted for its traditional and spiritual shrine.


3. Antoa Nyaamaa Shrine

This shrine seems to be one of the most popular deities in the country because, at the slightest provocation, people use it’s gods to invoke curses on their offenders and it is believed that it works. It is situated in a stream in a small village known as Antoa.


4. Akonedi Shrine

This is a shrine located at Larteh Kubeasi, very popular and believed to be one of the most powerful shrines among the Akuapims.


5. Tigare Shrine

Tigare is one of the oldest shrines in Ghana and at the mention of his name back in the day, it used to send shivers down the spine of most Ghanaians. People have sworn to it in many courts and the results were not pleasant.


6. Tano Shrine

The river Tano is believed to be a goddess and there is a shrine built in his name and those who visit it narrate how powerful it is. We’ve seen it manifest in many churches in Ghana.


7. Pra Shrine

The Pra Shrine is similar to the Tano Shrine which also happens to be a river too.


8. Klikor Shrine

The Klikor shrine has gained a lot of popularity due to its Trokosi practice. It is said that when someone reports you to the shrine and the shrine finds you guilty and you’re unable to pay the debt, your relative will have to serve the deity and mostly it is women who are made to serve. Most of the people who have been enslaved by the shrine are afraid to run away because they believe the shrine is very powerful you could easily be killed by it.


9. Dekadje Shrine

The Dekadje Shrine located at Goi in the Ada West district has attracted a lot of people for some time now and is believed to hold a lot of African culture and history and have been advised to be used as a tourism site. Besides this, the shrine has been noted for being of the most powerful shrines in the country.


10. Tongo Shrines

The Tongo Shrines are a set of shrines located in the Northern Region of Ghana believed to be very powerful.


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